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Welcome to FRCAQ, the online testing site for the Primary FRCA examination.

With over 1,560 multiple choice questions (both SBA and MTF) covering the entire syllabus, FRCAQ enables you to:

  • analyse your strengths and weaknesses
  • enhance your anaesthesia knowledge
  • fine-tune your exam technique
  • compare your performance with your peers

Four different testing options give you the flexibility to tailor your exam preparation to your specific needs, and detailed reports allow you to monitor your performance over time and against your peers. Every question contains a short and long explanation; this valuable additional information will enhance your knowledge, giving you the edge in the exam.

"I love the two levels of reading you can do if you get a question wrong. And, importantly, it's made by anaesthetists for anaesthetists... a brilliant resource." Alan Race, anaesthesia trainee

New questions added - Now 300 SBAs!


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Practice Test

Familiarise yourself with a cohort of questions based on the real FRCA exam scenario

Timed exam

Time yourself under full FRCA exam conditions - up to 90 questions in up to 3 hours